Email Marketing with Mailchimp


 Although it is true that Mailchimp is often the chosen platform for most companies when starting in the world of email marketing due to its low cost and ease of use, it can be a very powerful tool if its full potential is harnessed and exploited through its paid version.


At MarketiNet, as a Mailchimp Partner email marketing agency, we excel at maximizing the potential of this platform by developing customized projects such as integrations with CRMs, eCommerce tools, and orchestrating all advanced functionalities: Workflows, forms, personalized landing pages, RSS, retargeting actions, Lookalike audiences, and more.

email marketing Partner de Mailchimp

Email Marketing Services 

Creación de templates

Template Creation

Newsletters, promotions, loyalty programs, events, abandoned carts, coupons, transactional emails…

Gestión de suscriptores

Subscriber Management

We create audiences and manage all variables to ensure your data structure is organized and standardized.

Dynamic Content and Scrips

We create dynamic emails to reduce the number of assets and add more intelligence and personalization to communication. This can be done using the dynamic content utility or through programming in Mailchimp.

Análisis y optimización

Database Analisis and Optimization

We provide specific analysis reports, integration of advanced dashboard tools. Additionally, we have an email database optimization and deliverability system.

Test A/B</p>

Test  A/B

With Mailchimp, we can create tests for each email, including different content, sending times, calls to action, and determine which performs better.

Customer Journey Building

We create both automations and customer journeys, including relational marketing and ecommerce customer journeys. For example, reengaging inactive customers, abandoned cart campaigns, promotional coupons, and more.

App integrations and API:

We perform integrations with various tools and via API, including CRM integrations (e.g., Salesforce), allowing you to connect the apps and web services you currently use with Mailchimp.

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