Social Media Agency and Community Management

Do you need to generate traffic for your website and improve your brand’s reputation in the digital environment?

Social media is an ideal channel to achieve this, given the amount of time users spend in this environment, the ability to target messages, and the opportunity to reach large audiences.

At MarketiNet, we help you implement your social media plan: we assess your needs, provide customized solutions, create a posting plan, manage your content, measure results, and propose actions to help you achieve your goals.

We are your Social Media Agency.

Our Social Media Services

Strategic planning and profile creation

We conduct an audit of your company, its objectives, brand positioning, and target audience to choose the appropriate channels and content themes.

If your brand does not have profiles on one or more social media platforms, we set them up and customize them based on the content needs, strategy, and branding of your brand.

Content creation and distribution

We design periodic editorial calendars and take care of creating a wide range of content to be published on social media.

We adapt the posts to the specific needs of each social media platform.

Daily monitoring

In our social media agency, we monitor the content published on your social media platforms daily and keep a real-time watch on the performance of your posts, audience engagement, and campaigns, as well as topics and content related to your brand.


MarketiNet’s community managers actively engage with your community and respond to their messages within 24 hours.

Customer service and reputation management

We promptly attend to comments, questions, and all inquiries raised by followers.

We manage reputation crises and other emergency situations that may arise from the appearance of negative or compromising content related to the brand.

Results analysis

We regularly analyze the results of social media and campaigns to assess how marketing objectives are being met. We track interaction, audience, virality, reach, and profile growth, and detail it in a monthly report.

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Servicio de social Ads

Social Ads Service

We offer social paid campaign design services and the creation of ads or campaigns on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and Linkedin Ads, along with a personalized Social Ads audit service.

Our experts help you optimize your digital advertising budgets to the fullest through clear goal definition, budget management, campaign setup, and optimization.