Services and campaigns in Social Ads

Find your future clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube…

Social media advertising campaigns are effective in attracting potential customers to your profile and website, as well as increasing brand awareness and improving your online positioning.

At Marketinet, we create social ads campaigns where we segment in the most detailed way possible to target your ads to your specific target audience.



With Twitter Ads advertising campaigns, you can increase the visibility of your tweets and account to a larger audience of people interested in your business. You can achieve your desired objectives, such as gaining more followers, retweets, likes, replies, or clicks on your Promoted Tweet.


In LinkedIn Ads, we run advertising campaigns that are useful for generating traffic to your website, as well as sponsored content campaigns that increase the reach of your posts, the number of followers, and improve engagement with your page.




We run advertising campaigns on Instagram Ads with photo or video formats, or in carousel mode, focused on achieving the desired objective, such as mobile app installations, conversions on the website, website clicks, post engagement, video views, and more.


We launch advertising campaigns on YouTube Ads in all the available ad formats, tailored to your budget and needs. We segment these campaigns to target your ideal audience. Additionally, we link them with Google AdWords to gather comprehensive statistics and ensure a thorough campaign analysis.


At MarketiNet, we create advertising campaigns on Spotify that will help you generate brand awareness and enhance your visibility on the leading music and podcast streaming platform worldwide.




We analyze the results of social media campaigns in real-time, continuously optimize them, and provide you with information on the campaign’s performance so that you can track the extent to which your objectives are being achieved.