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SEM Positioning and PPC Strategies

We are a specialized SEM Agency that focuses on digital marketing strategies to boost your brand’s positioning and PPC. We help increase your visibility, generate leads, and enhance your short and long-term sales. Contact us to improve your online results!

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SEM campaign management

    • Objectives: Establishing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives is the first step in managing effective SEM campaigns. Clearly defining what you want to achieve allows you to focus your efforts on concrete and measurable actions that enable you to evaluate the campaign’s success.​
    • Strategy and Planning: Selecting the most suitable channels and platforms for your brand and industry is crucial in managing SEM campaigns. Each project has different characteristics, so it’s important to identify the channels and platforms that effectively reach your target audience.​
    • Performance: Monitoring the performance of online campaigns at all times is essential to achieve the best results and return on investment. It’s important to constantly track and adjust the strategy based on the results obtained to optimize digital advertising campaigns on Google to the fullest extent.
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    • Optimization: Our SEM experts are constantly seeking new opportunities to optimize and maximize visibility for Google digital advertising campaigns. The continuous search for opportunities allows us to stay up to date with new trends and functionalities that may be relevant to the SEM strategy.​
    • Analytics: In our SEM agency, we are experts in web analytics, enabling us to conduct advanced analysis of each advertising campaign. The information obtained is powerful and allows us to understand the performance of the campaigns and identify areas for improvement.​
    • Reporting: We generate regular campaign result reports so that you can stay informed about their status and make data-driven decisions. These reports are created using the latest technology and developed in dashboards connected to all platforms. They are a key tool for evaluating campaign success, making informed decisions, and defining future SEM strategies.

    Continuous improvement

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    Why do you need a SEM strategy?


    Improve engagement with your content.​


    Increase high-quality web traffic.

    Increase brand reach and recognition.

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    Generate more qualified leads.

    Increase sales and grow.

    How can we help you with your Paid Search strategy?

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    We can assist you with search campaigns to appear in the top results of Google searches.

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    We can help you with banner campaigns on Google platforms or partners, which help bring traffic from selected audiences or retarget visitors of your website.

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    Shopping campaigns use products from Merchant Center to target users who are searching for these products on the internet, have searched for them before, or have visited the site but haven’t made a purchase.

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    Discovery campaigns help reach more users at a lower cost and exclusively combine Google platforms.

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    YouTube campaigns generate a large number of views at a low cost, allowing us to reach a wide audience. Afterwards, we can retarget users who have viewed these videos with other campaigns.

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    Performance Max

    Performance Max campaigns combine the resources of images, videos, and text across various Google platforms to maximize performance and reach.

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