Email Marketing Agency

A comprehensive service

At MarketiNet, as an email marketing agency we have been providing consultancy, strategy development, campaign execution, and design services since 2003.

We offer a meticulous and extensive process, paying close attention to detail to optimize each action and achieve effective email marketing. We prioritize quality and effectiveness in all our email marketing efforts. Our team takes care to ensure that every aspect of the process is optimized to deliver the best possible results.

    Email Studio Tool Management

    Emails Design

    Based on the briefing we receive, we can design your emails, landing pages and forms so that you can launch your digital communication campaigns.


    We handle both simple campaigns with basic personalization and segmentation, as well as dynamic emails and the design of complex workflows and customer journeys that will enhance your email strategy. By entrusting us with campaign management, you can allocate more time to analyzing campaign results and defining improvement actions

    Cross Channel

    We assist you in building your cross-channel communication strategy, utilizing the appropriate channel based on the phase of the customer journey your customer or lead is in (Email, SMS, Web, Push Mobile). This comprehensive strategy is aimed at increasing your ROI and conversion rates.

    Database Audit
    and Cleneasing

    We assist you in improving the ROI of your campaigns through the audit, cleansing, and verification of your database. By conducting a thorough review of your database, we ensure the protection of your domain’s reputation, enhance deliverability, and reduce costs by sending communications only to valid contacts.

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    Integrations and
    Custom Developements

    More and more, our clients are requesting integrations between their Email platforms and CRM systems, websites, e-commerce platforms, or analytics tools. . At MarketiNet, we provide solutions for all the integrations you may need by configuring pre-defined integrations or utilizing APIs or connectors such as Zapier.

    Custom Analysis and

    We connect Google Analytics with your email campaigns to provide you with complete traceability of your marketing actions. We create custom dashboards in Google Looker Studio to visualize and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

    Additionally, we design custom reports by campaign and user, leveraging Marketing Intelligence tools such as Datorama, Tableau, Business Objects, and more.

    Your company
    Tools for day-to-day coordination
    Certified consultant
    Specialized production team