Inbound marketing strategy


First, we study your business in order to define the goals a to achieve, determine what your buyer person is and study what buyer journey they perform to know what kind of content they may be interested in at each stage.

Content Marketing

We attract visitors to the web

We make sure your potential customers , arrive on your website, how? through the creation of quality content optimized for SEO, that shows the value you can bring them with your products /service.

At MarketiNet we develop the most appropriate content strategy for your business.
We create valuable, useful and interesting content for your target and this translates into results for your company.

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Content Marketing
We turn those visitors into leads


We turn those visitors into leads


We make sure to promote that content through calls-to-action to get records. That is, we barter with visitors, they receive the content and we receive their data through a form.

Marketing Automation 

We make your sales grow

We perform a progressive qualification of leads and we drive them to the purchase through automated Workflows for sending emails, lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Thanks to marketing automation, we ensure the delivery of the right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing Automation
Retain your customers

We help you to retain your customers

Once the sale is closed, the process does not end. It's important to capture your attention with personalized content to promote second sales, retain them and turn them into prescribers.

Measurement and control

We analyze metrics day by day in order to optimize the operation of the plan and guide it more and more to the achievement of your goal.

Measurement and control
Inbound Marketing Service Packages

Inbound Marketing Service Packages

A plan customized to each type of business. From our service offering we adapt to your needs with three different price packages for our Inbound Marketing services:

  • Initiation
  • Profesional
  • Advanced

GDD Certificates

We are A Certified Agency in Growth-Driven Design by Hubspot that endorses us in the methodology of development of efficient websites thanks to the capacity for improvement and continuous growth. We continuously implement improvements to your website thanks to a cyclic plan, tread, application and broadcast process.

GDD certified agency
auditoría inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing Service Packages

If you have been carrying out an Inbound strategy for some time but you do not obtain the expected results, an Inbound Audit is what you need. In it we analyze strengths and weaknesses of:

  • Downloadable content and blog content
  • Usability when downloading materials and locating them on the web
  • The target audience to which the strategy is oriented
  • The buyer journey that the user follows
  • The game that is being taken from the inbound/automation tool and the points to be exploited
  • The CTR of the current emails and the templates that convert the most
  • The entry criteria of dynamic lists

With everything analyzed, we propose improvements to be implemented on the web and the materials and processes developed.

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