Take advantage of Marketing Automation and maximize your profitability and the intelligence of your Marketing strategy


Today there are tools with a huge potential to develop Marketing Automation and with which you can perform actions of: lead nurturing, automated emails, sophisticated workflows, social network management, etc.


Marketing automation actions

Advantages of Marketing Automation

The main advantage is to provide the user with an experience of value, a marketing with a personalized and enriched experience that advances a user from anonymous data to a lead identified and qualified for your sales team. 

In this way, your sales team will receive more leads and better qualified through tools, which work largely on their own. This constant contact with the lead brings a lot of valuable information to our analytics to add information and personalization to each user.

Provides intelligence to your digital strategy

A marketing automation system is a system that endows your strategy of "intelligence", you can trigger automations by multiple criteria: where clicks users in our emails, your profile, the resources you are interested in, pages that have visited and countless unlimited possibilities that we must know in depth to get the most out of them.

 Marketing Automation benefits in your strategy
Marketing Automation tools

Tools for Marketing Automation

You can use advanced tools to achieve your goals:

  • Landing pages
  • Smart Content
  • Automated Email marketing 
  • Workflows with infinity of events, actions and logic
  • Advanced personalization in your communications
  • Lead nurturing
  • Integration of your CRM system
  • Closing the marketing and sales cycle
  • Global picture of your marketing analytics to identify your most profitable actions
  •  Automation of contacts for conversion of leads, events, webinars...

Converts anonymous users to clients

By correctly applying a strategy of this type, we can expand the recruitment of qualified leads, but the best thing is that it allows us to carry out a nurturing lead to go forward to the users through different stages to already leave them at the doors of the sales team with a high level of qualification.

Marketing Automation qualified leads
CRM integration system

Integrate your Automation system with your CRM

If, in addition, we not only want to use this tool for conversion but also to perform actions with existing clients, we can integrate in many of them your CRM system to have a two-way transfer.

This synchronization can allow you to transfer a qualified lead to your CRM for your sales team to manage, but you can also go the information in the opposite direction and for example, send a special Newsletter to those who are already customers.

By connecting both systems, the possibilities become infinite ...

Analytics and ROI calculation

Today, the importance of measuring everything becomes increasingly important in such a competitive environment. Through an automation system, you can see a general map of analytics, behaviors, profitability data, etc.

You will know which actions bring you more ROI, workflows work better, you can perform A / B test in an easy and effective way and best of all, these analytics are compatible and

Marketing Automation analytics and ROI

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