Advantages of Marketing Automation




We work on the creation of marketing automation processes that offer the user a personalized experience, adding value and getting them to advance through the various phases of the conversion funnel.

We get anonymous data to become an identified and qualified lead for your sales team.

We are certified and we work with the main automation tools to adapt to all types of businesses.

Customized automations for each client

Analyzing your type of business and its potential clients is crucial to create an optimal automated process (workflows, journeys...) delivering the appropriate message to each client.

  • Transactional emails: Purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, generate automatic responses to new registrations...
  • Send discounts for subscription to the newsletter.
  • Inform of a new content created to users who have shown interest in that type of topic or content.
  • Propose shipments based on the birthday date of the users of your BBDD.
  • Promotion of subscriptions to events or webinars.
  • Promotion of second sales.
  • Automations focused on promoting sales of abandoned carts.
 Bring intelligence to your digital strategy
Marketing Automation features

Automated lead classification and management

We categorize and profile your potential customers according to their profile, preferences, the score obtained and their behavior on the web automatically thanks to the configuration of dynamic lists and the creation of custom fields.


In addition, we clean the BBDD, eliminating users with little engagement to improve opening rates, clicks... or reduce rates of spam claims and unsubscriptions

Marketing Automation features

You'll be able to use advanced tools to achieve your goals.

  • Landing pages
  • Smart Content
  • Automated email marketing
  • WorkFlows with countless events, actions and logic
  • Advanced customization in your communications
  • Lead nurturing
  • Integration of your CRM system
  • Closure of the marketing and sales cycle
  • Global photo of your marketing analytics to identify your most profitable stocks
  • Contact automation for lead conversion, events, webinars...
Turn anonymous users into customers
Integrate your Automation system with your CRM

Integrate your Automation system with your CRM

If, in addition, we want to use this tool not only for conversion but also to perform actions with current customers, we can integrate in many of them your CRM system so that it has a two-way transfer.

This synchronization can allow you to transfer a qualified lead to your CRM for your sales team to manage, but the information can also go in the opposite direction and, for example, send a special Newsletter for those who are already customers.

By connecting both systems, the possibilities become endless...

We bring intelligence to your digital strategy

A marketing automation system is a system that provides your strategy with "intelligence", since you can trigger automations by multiple criteria: filtering where users click on our emails, by their profile, by the resources that interest them, by pages they have visited and an endless number of unlimited possibilities that we must know in depth to get the most out of them.

In addition, you will know which actions provide the most ROI since the tools offer metrics for each automation and communication sent, they have the option to carry out A/B Test analysis of the shipments...

ROI analytics and calculation

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