WhatsApp in Marketing Cloud: Everything you need to know

Fernanda Ronquillo. February 16, 2024

Nowadays, with WhatsApp in Marketing Cloud, communications with customers can be more fluid, personalized and better adapted to the customer's needs. And, like other channels, WhatsApp also offers different types of messages that we can use to get in touch with our customers.


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How to Set up Access in Salesforce to Manage Pardot

Santiago Tabuenca. January 18, 2024

In this article, we will guide you through the process of assigning the necessary access to a user in Salesforce to manage marketing configuration, specifically on the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement/Pardot platform. Proper configuration will allow the user to manage the Pardot engagement account without limitations. Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps to follow: 

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How to perform A/B testing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Fernanda Ronquillo. November 8, 2023

In Marketing, it is common to run several tests to analyze whether different products meet the same needs, how much visibility one has with respect to the other, its price, availability in the market, etc. 

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AmpScript: Proper Use of CloudPagesURL and How to Retrieve Variables

Santiago Tabuenca. November 2, 2023

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CloudPageURL is an essential function that allows you to set your CloudPages as destinations.

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Data Ecosystem in Salesforce Marketing Cloud | [FREE] Ebook

Paola Braojos. October 26, 2023

Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud we segment, customize and are able to feed additional data to clients. This is because the basic and essential foundation of this tool is to create a data ecosystem that has the best possible quality with a clear goal: getting the most out of the platform and the data itself.

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The Power of SQL Join Tables in SalesForce Marketing Cloud

Santiago Tabuenca. September 21, 2023

None of what we've discussed so far about using SQL QUERY instead of filtered Data Extensions would make sense, if you didn't want to get the most out of it by joining tables. In Marketing Cloud you can join your Data Extensions with others through relationships. In addition, you have the DataViews (very interesting information for segmentation) and even new tables generated by Einstein.

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Ampscript Course for Marketers - Lookup and LookupRows functions. Chap. 4

Santiago Tabuenca. September 18, 2023

In the world of digital marketing, message personalization is key to engaging your audience and creating meaningful interactions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform that allows marketing professionals to create and send highly personalized messages,

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AMPscript Course for Marketers - Functions - Chapter 3

Santiago Tabuenca. September 17, 2023

AMPscript is a scripting language used in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to personalize and enhance marketing communications, such as emails and text messages. Functions in AMPscript are code blocks that perform specific tasks, such as data manipulation, mathematical calculations, and text formatting. Below, we will explore the general structure of an AMPscript function, different types of functions, and examples of some key functions.

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Ampscript Course for Marketers - Conditionals in Ampscript - Ch. 2

Santiago Tabuenca. September 16, 2023

Enhance your marketing strategy with the powerful conditional logic capabilities in AMPscript! In this article, I'll guide you through the fundamentals of conditional logic using the IF, IIF, and FOR NEXT functions in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account (formerly known as Pardot). Even if you don't have programming experience, you'll be able to leverage these tools to increase engagement and enhance your marketing campaigns.

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AMPscript Course for Marketers - Introduction - Chapter 1

Santiago Tabuenca. September 15, 2023

Can you imagine sending emails and SMS messages that feel like individual and unique conversations? With AMPscript, a scripting tool exclusive to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this vision becomes a reality. AMPscript allows you to personalize your digital communications precisely and meaningfully, unlocking the potential of personalization.

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The key points of SQL for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. What is SQL?

Santiago Tabuenca. September 15, 2023

SQL or Structured Query Language is a language designed to manage and retrieve information from relational database management systems. One of its main characteristics is the handling of algebra and relational calculus to perform queries in order to retrieve, easily, information from databases, as well as make changes to them.

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New ebook: Guide to Effective Segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Paola Braojos. August 31, 2023

The effectiveness of an action (or a sequence of messages) consists in addressing the appropriate message to the appropriate person and at the appropriate time through the channel in which the user is most likely to receive that message. All this has a lot to do with segmentation, that is, looking for that right person and that decisive moment to later use the best channel for it. 

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