MarketiNet, a company with zero net carbon emissions

Laura Rodríguez Vaquero. November 30, 2023

Climate change is a reality that already affects us all and will alter our environment if we do not take urgent and committed measures at all levels to stop it. At MarketiNet, we are aware that big changes begin with small individual actions and we want to contribute doing our bit.

Topic: Marketing Digital

How to Set Up the Pardot Tracker Domain and its DNS

Santiago Tabuenca. November 23, 2023

Setting up the tracker domain in Pardot allows users to customize the URLs of items used in Pardot campaigns, avoiding using the domain.

Topic: SF Account Engagement Pardot

Inbound Marketing Strategy with ClickDimensions | Culmia

Leticia Moriana. November 16, 2023

Culmia is dedicated to first-class residential development. Its strategic plan has three business lines: buy-to-let housing, build-to-rent, and affordable housing.

Topic: Projects

Integration of Salesforce Sales, Pardot and getFeedback Surveys | Aspire Software

Leticia Moriana. November 16, 2023

Aspire Software needed to create a survey system integrated with Pardot Account Engagement, Salesforce Sales, and the getFeedbackSurvey solution.


Topic: Projects

Marketing consultancy and template integration at Pardot | SATO

Leticia Moriana. November 16, 2023

SATO, an international provider of automatic identification solutions that integrates automatic identification and labeling technology with hardware solutions, product, and people identifiers, collecting data in different IT systems, needed to improve its process of creating sector landings in different markets in order to streamline the management of lead generation campaigns using Pardot.

Topic: Projects

Marketing automation consulting with Mailchimp | Xlash

Leticia Moriana. November 16, 2023

Our client, Xslash, has an eCommerce developed in Prestashop and requested our help to implement the communication strategy with their customer and subscriber database, implementing a series of automations to achieve more conversions in their sales funnel.

Topic: Projects

Inbound Marketing Strategy and CRM integration | GfK

Leticia Moriana. November 15, 2023

At MarketiNet we have been working for more than 10 years with GfK, a world leader in data and analytics. We are currently collaborating with them in their Inbound Marketing strategy with which we aim to improve the lead acquisition process for the Spanish market.

Topic: Projects

How to perform A/B testing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Fernanda Ronquillo. November 8, 2023

In Marketing, it is common to run several tests to analyze whether different products meet the same needs, how much visibility one has with respect to the other, its price, availability in the market, etc. 

Topic: SF Marketing Cloud

AmpScript: Proper Use of CloudPagesURL and How to Retrieve Variables

Santiago Tabuenca. November 2, 2023

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CloudPageURL is an essential function that allows you to set your CloudPages as destinations.

Topic: SF Marketing Cloud

Data Ecosystem in Salesforce Marketing Cloud | [FREE] Ebook

Paola Braojos. October 26, 2023

Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud we segment, customize and are able to feed additional data to clients. This is because the basic and essential foundation of this tool is to create a data ecosystem that has the best possible quality with a clear goal: getting the most out of the platform and the data itself.

Topic: SF Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation Strategy in Pardot - FREE Ebook [NEW]

Jaime de Carlos. October 19, 2023

Pardot, now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, is the Salesforce platform designed so that companies' marketing teams can have full control over all stages of their customers' customer journey and optimize their experience.

Topic: Marketing Automation

Field synchronization between Salesforce CRM and MCAE - Pardot

Santiago Tabuenca. October 12, 2023

Once we set up a field in MCAE/Pardot and sync it with Salesforce, there are a number of aspects to take into account and not all of them are as obvious as they seem.

Topic: SF Account Engagement Pardot