Our Agency is a partner of Hubspot, the No. 1 automated Inbound Marketing software from which we build and execute the plan.  

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Hubspot all-in-one tool

It's an all-in-one tool

All the integrated functionalities, it allows you a gunitary, strategic and easily measurable management of all the processes involved and therefore simplifies the process.

Allows flexibility and content control


Through simple templates and designs, Hubspot makes it easy makes it easy to create and modify content. You can change or make new forms, CTA, Landing pages, emails... in a very simple way.

 Allows flexibility and content control
Hubspot helps you to be efficient

It helps you to be efficient

Hubspot's built-in analytics contain data from all the processes involved so that you can analyze and view them from one place and thus verify that it will be optimized for a good ROI.

Shortens the sales cycle

Being an integrated tool, Hubspot simplifies all processes, regarding sales, provides you with contact data and thanks to the follow-up through Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing, it allows you to determine if the child is driving qualified for sale..

Hubspot simplifies all processes
Hubspot Integrate smart content

Integrate smart content

From Hubspot it is possible to customize the contents that are displayed on a certain website. So, instead of presenting the same page to all users, they are offered personalized content based on their interests.

Design in Hubspot, smart Content, Hubl and HubDB

From Marketinet we take care of designing your website in the Hubspot COS and adding Hubl programming, the Hubl (Hubspot Markup Language) allows dynamic server programming and the customization of templates and modules making it show a presentation different content depending on the user (Smart Content).

With HUDB we can  create helper tables for your website and display that information with HUBL programming.

Design in Hubspot, smart Content, Hubl and HubDB
Salesforce integration

Salesforce integration

Thanks to this functionality you will be able to integrate a Marketing Automation tool (and Inbound Marketing) like Hubspot and a CRM like SalesForce and provide your Marketing and Sales team with the synergies and intelligences that are generated.


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