MarketiNet, as a Mailchimp Partner email marketing agency, we are experts in getting the most out of this platform by developing custom projects such as integrations with CRMs, eCommerce tools and orchestrating all the advanced features: Workflows, forms, personalized landings, RSS, actions of retargeting, Lookalike audiences.


Types of Email campaigns

Correos electrónicos promocionales. Campañas de Email Marketing Mailchimp

Promotional emails:
Newsletters, promotions, loyalty programs, event promotions, coupon shipments...


Transactional emails:

Purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, sending emails for special dates...


A/B testing

With Mailchimp we can create up to 3 variations in each email, different content, delivery times, calls to action... and test which works best.

Email Marketing Services


Template creation:

Newsletters, promotions, loyalty programs, events, abandoned carts, coupons, transactional emails...


App and API integrations:
integrations with different tools and via API, integrations with CRM (eg Salesforce), ...


Test A/B:

Con Mailchimp podemos crear test en cada email, diferentes contenidos, tiempos de envío, llamadas a la acción....  y testar qué funciona mejor.


Subscriber management:
We create audiences and manage all the variables so that you have your data structure ordered and normalized.


Dynamic content and scripts:
We create dynamic emails to reduce the number of pieces and provide more intelligence and personalization to communication. Either using the dynamic content utility or programmatically in Mailchimp.


Database analysis and optimization:
We carry out specific analysis reports, integration of advanced dashboard tools. In addition, we have an email database optimization system and deliverability.


Customer Journey:

We create both automations and customer journey. Relationship marketing and ecommerce customer journey: re-enlisting sleeping customers, abandoned carts, promotional coupons, etc.