Main advantages of segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Published by: Santiago Tabuenca on April 27, 2023
 Santiago Tabuenca

Segmentation has many advantages, not only in terms of email performance but also in terms of long-term ROI and Customer Lifetime Value. In this article, we will see the main advantages of segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


To begin with, we can analyze data from a MailChimp study that draws very interesting conclusions about the advantages of segmenting correctly. We are talking about real data, not subjective opinions. 


Segmentation tables in Salesforce Marketing Cloud


The results as you can see are spectacular, the increases in opens and clicks are very high. In addition, the negative aspects of email, such as unsubscribers, are reduced. It is something that falls on its weight. If you receive information of interest to you, you don't unsubscribe, if what they send you has nothing to do with you, you are very likely to do so. 


Another very interesting aspect of the study is its statistical significance. It was done with 2,000 user accounts with significant volumes of sends, so the conclusions are fully extrapolable. 


6 Advantages of Segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud


The main reason why subscribers unsubscribe is that the contents are not of interest to them (you have not segmented correctly) or they are simply boring. If, in addition to the numbers, you want more reasons to convince you that segmentation is essential in email marketing, here is a list of them: 


Avoid repetitive or unnecessary messages


By segmenting, you can avoid communicating to customers something that is repetitive or that they may have even bought from you. How unpleasant it is when your business school offers you again a master's degree you just finished, isn't it? Same thing about sending them an offer for something they bought without an offer.

Enhance brand image and relevance


If you send careful and adapted communications to the user, you are making a trickle of good experiences that in the end will result in a better brand image of your company. 


Nueva llamada a la acción



Repetitive emails often end up being filtered by users through "Mark as spam", even if the users signed up voluntarily. In short, you will be more likely to be in the user's inbox and if you are relevant, you will stand out from the many emails they will receive. 


Perform precise tactical actions for passive users


If you detect passive users, you can perform specific actions to reactivate them. It's better not to keep on pestering them and try new alternatives to see if they are still there. Special promotions, "breakthrough" messages or try another channel in case the email is simply outdated. 


Let's not forget the most active ones


Often, the only reward the most active ones receive is a hammer that keeps getting them into all the segmentations. It wouldn't hurt to give them a little pampering, something exclusive for them, an offer, a privilege, etc. 


Interesting content


It would be the summary concept. We must send interesting content with what it involves: relevant, appropriate, well-designed, well-written, value-added, and all the positive qualifiers you can think of. 


Segmenting is based on learning from our databases and our mailings. Only with this, we improve the value of our database. If we are an e-commerce, we will sell more and better and we will also keep our users engaged and loyal. 


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