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Tipos de proyecto :

Mailchimp has increasingly developed automation tools that require consulting and technical work. On this occasion, we supported Laboratorios Niam in the development of this strategy.

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The work carried out in this automation marketing strategy consulting project has been progressive starting from the ground up. Starting from the review of fields and audiences to defining the structure of Customer Journeys for each type of user and communication.

The following actions have been carried out: 

  • Field standardisation

  • Auditing and optimising emails for better deliverability

  • Audience definition

  • Creation of different customer journey models


    • Welcome emails

    • Lead communication sequence in resource downloads

    • Abandoned cart management

    • Reminders

    • Coupons sending

In short, as Mailchimp Partners, we do consulting work for our clients to bring maximum value to their email marketing and automation marketing strategy.


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