Inbound Marketing Strategy with ClickDimensions | Culmia

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Culmia is dedicated to first-class residential development. Its strategic plan has three business lines: buy-to-let housing, build-to-rent, and affordable housing.

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Culmia‘s value proposition is based on innovative management and this innovation is also transferred to its marketing plan. That is why we work hand in hand to develop an Inbound marketing and marketing automation strategy.


Among the tasks we carry out, we highlight:  


  • Support in the exploitation of the ClickDimensions marketing tool.
  • Monthly SEO On Page and Off page to guarantee good positioning.
  • Development of Dashboards in data study and analysis of actions.
  • Design and layout of materials: landing pages, emails, newsletters, CTA…
  • Management and monitoring of Social Ads campaigns.
  • Planning and development of lead nurturing processes.

The main objective is to attract quality organic traffic that can be converted into leads in order to develop automated processes that increase brand awareness and encourage interest in developments and other properties for sale.