Offsetting our carbon footprint

At MarketiNet, we think about the future and the responsibility we have towards it.

That’s why we voluntarily participate in the Carbon Footprint Registry, Compensation, and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Projects.

This registry has been promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, through Royal Decree 163/2014, with the aim of neutralizing the CO2 emissions produced by companies, individualsand organizations through financial investment in environmental projects.

With this purpose, we participate alongside Sustainable Forests in the project: FOREST RESTORATION PROJECT IN M.U.P. No. 134 OF ORZADUERO

An initiative whose main objective is the restoration of a 4,200-hectare area of the Sierra de Gredos that was affected by a fire in 2009, using native tree species.

In this project, MarketiNet has funded the planting of 445 trees, which represents a compensation of up to 8 times the carbon footprint emitted by both the company and team members.

How do we calculate our carbon footprint and how do we offset it?

Each of our employees emits an average of 7.15 tons of CO2 per year.

These emissions are derived from transportation, consumption habits, and energy usage related to their households, in addition to the emissions generated by MarketiNet as a company.

To offset 1 ton of CO2 over 40 years, approximately 5 and a half trees are needed.

At MarketiNet, we have financed 445.5 trees, which amounts to a total offset of 81 tons of CO2.