Marketing Automation Project with Pardot for Neoris

Published by: Gemma Bataller on Aug 3, 2023 11:00:00 AM
 Gemma Bataller

Neoris leads the digital transformation of companies by offering solutions for: big data, digital architecture, artificial intelligence...

Marketing Automation Project with Pardot Neoris


Neoris was looking to get more out of Pardot, their automation tool, and this is precisely where they required our consultancy to support them in launching campaigns.

MarketiNet worked with the marketing team in Spain and Latin America to launch automated lead nurturing campaigns in Engagement Studio.

MarketiNet worked hand in hand with the Neoris team and provided support in:


  • Consulting and strategy design.

  • Development of materials in Pardot.

  • Development of the automation flow.

  • Journey configuration in Engagement Studio.

  • Campaign analysis.

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