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Published by: Laura Rodríguez Vaquero on Jul 18, 2022 11:49:24 AM
 Laura Rodríguez Vaquero


At MarketiNet we worked with Mambu on their Inbound Marketing strategy with the aim of improving the lead acquisition process for the entire market of Europe, Middle East and North Africa.Mambu is a cloud-based Core Banking platform with which we collaborate in the area of Inbound Marketing through the creative idea development, design and layout of materials in Hubspot COS such as Landing Pages, blog, emails, banners, CTA... In addition to the planning of strategic workflows that guarantee the achievement of objectives in the most efficient way possible.

By maintaining daily contact with the client, we are present in the strategic decision making process and support them as expert consultants in Inbound Marketing and in platforms such as Hubspot or Salesforce.

With our management, we have succeeded in streamlining the processes of creating resources and increasing conversions in a very specific market with strict corporate compliance procedures.

Among the tasks we carry out for Mambu we highlight:

  • Hubspot and Salesforce consulting
  • Landings and Emails design and layout in Husbpot's COS
  • Design, layout and configuration of a blog for the regular Podcast posting.
  • Workflows implementation in Hubspot
  • Design of creativities for Social and Paid Media

In this way, our strategy for Mambu has several scalable phases, aimed to acquire quality leads and, at the same time, to obtain automations that allow the conversion of these leads into valuable customers.


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