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Tipos de proyecto :

This project started with a very clear brief, to migrate our client’s marketing automation system from a high-cost platform to another platform that would provide them with the same value and reduce the cost. The consultancy service started with an analysis of their entire database and the creation of a migration plan.

Salesforce Connector with Mailchimp

The consultancy was carried out in four different phases:


Database analysis


  • Defining data structure.

  • Defining segments and tags within your audience.

  • Migrating additional data not included in Salesforce.

  • Email cleaning: deliverability analysis and corrective actions.


  • Salesforce and Mailchimp connector setup.

  • Field synchronization.

  • Bidirectional communication between Salesforce and Mailchimp:

    • Using customer journeys to update subscriber status information in Mailchimp.

    • Using Salesforce process builder to change Opt-In or email bounced status in Salesforce.


  • Mailchimp launch support.

  • IP Warm-up.

  • Template definition.

  • Campaign and Customer Journeys creation.

Salesforce Mailchimp Integration Schema

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