Marketing consultancy and template integration at Pardot | SATO

Tipos de proyecto :

SATO, an international provider of automatic identification solutions that integrates automatic identification and labeling technology with hardware solutions, product, and people identifiers, collecting data in different IT systems, needed to improve its process of creating sector landings in different markets in order to streamline the management of lead generation campaigns using Pardot.


Homepage sato


We collaborated with the development of different landing page templates to get the most out of Pardot and the development of campaigns with it, using the modules defined in each template to easily and simply create new landing pages according to their needs. 


In the same way, the design and layout of the template for sending newsletters were carried out to serve as the basis for all the company’s communications. 


We worked together with the marketing teams in the different countries on the following tasks:


  • Design and layout of different landing page templates by language and market.
  • Integration of data collection forms for different campaigns.
  • Adaptation of layouts for the different landing page options.
  • Design and layout of newsletter templates for email marketing.
  • Development of materials in Pardot.