Marketing automation consulting with Mailchimp | Xlash

Tipos de proyecto :

Our client, Xslash, has an eCommerce developed in Prestashop and requested our help to implement the communication strategy with their customer and subscriber database, implementing a series of automations to achieve more conversions in their sales funnel.

Xlash web


Together with the client, a series of Customer Journeys were designed and implemented to achieve two objectives: to convert subscribers into new customers, and among those who are already customers, to achieve a higher purchase frequency of certain products


  • Standardisation of the complete database fields
  • Audit and optimisation of database records for better deliverability
  • Definition and implementation of the unified audience and segmentations
  • Creation of different customer journeys

    • Treatment of abandoned carts
    • Purchase reminders according to consumption dates
    • Discount coupons

We carried out a consultancy and implementation work as Mailchimp Partners, taking into account the communication possibilities that the tool allows.