Integration of Salesforce Sales, Pardot and getFeedback Surveys | Aspire Software

Tipos de proyecto :

Aspire Software needed to create a survey system integrated with Pardot Account Engagement, Salesforce Sales, and the getFeedbackSurvey solution.


Aspire mockup web


This solution required the ability to send any type of survey to their contacts and customers, from an opinion survey to an NPS.


The information comes from Salesforce Sales, and the automated sending process is carried out by Pardot. Once the survey is sent and the response is collected, this information is transferred back to Salesforce Sales for reporting, tracking, dashboarding and other functionalities.


Of the tasks we carried out in the project, the following stand out:


  • Consultancy on the management of the entire process on the different platforms.
  • Creation of Custom Objects in Salesforce Sales.
  • Synchronization of the necessary information between Salesforce Sales and Pardot through its connector.
  • Generation of a system for creating custom URLs to send each contact their personal survey.
  • Synchronization of information between getFeedback and Salesforce Sales.
  • Generation of Custom Type Reports to be able to develop specific reports per survey with NPS valuation.
  • Dashboard generation with visual information of the results for each area.


Salesforce Pardot getFeedback Integration