Inbound Marketing Strategy and CRM integration | GfK

Tipos de proyecto :

At MarketiNet we have been working for more than 10 years with GfK, a world leader in data and analytics. We are currently collaborating with them in their Inbound Marketing strategy with which we aim to improve the lead acquisition process for the Spanish market.

Mock up case study GFK


We work on the whole strategy in Hubspot developing the design and layout of materials such as Landing Pages, emails, CTA, etc… We also propose different workflows that help to automate some processes, simplifying them and helping us to achieve the objectives most efficiently.


In addition, we carried out the integration of Hubspot contacts with GfK Spain’s CRM, Microsoft Navision. The integration consists of an ERP where they provided us with a web service to add new user records or updates to contacts already registered in Hubspot. In addition, we set up lead-scoring rules that determine when a contact has to enter the CRM flow.


The tasks we developed for GfK are:


  • Hubspot consultancy.
  • Design and layout of landings and emails in Hubspot.
  • Creation and management of workflows in Hubspot.
  • Creation of forms.
  • Contact management and lead scoring.
  • Integration with the client’s own CRM.


In this way, our strategy for GfK is aimed at obtaining quality leads and, at the same time, obtaining automations that allow the conversion of these leads into valuable customers.