Salesforce CRM and Mailchimp Integration and Support Service

Include an email and automation tool with your Salesforce CRM

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As a Mailchimp Partner company, we help you make the most of this platform by developing customized projects such as integrations with CRMs, eCommerce tools, and orchestrating all advanced functionalities: Workflows, forms, personalized landing pages, RSS, retargeting actions, Lookalike audiences, and more.


Our service goes beyond a simple Mailchimp Salesforce Integration

To integrate both tools, there is a native connector that solves most of the required options, but it lacks some functionalities.

We complement these shortcomings with additional modules that will allow you to manage your unsubscribes or bounced emails more effectively.

Salesforce CRM and Mailchimp Synchronization
Email Studio Tool Management

Enhace your CRMwith Mailchimp´s intelligence

Through this integration, you can have information on each contact or lead and their activity in the campaigns you are engaging them with.

Additionally, with Salesforce‘s reporting system, you can extract a wealth of additional information to make your business decisions.

You don’t have to export any Salesforce lists to run a campaign, nor import the results to have that information in Salesforce, as this information will be fully synchronized.

Salesforce and Mailchimp Partners, the ultimate duo

MarketiNet is a Mailchimp Partner and a Salesforce Consulting Partner agency, and we are certified in Marketing Cloud, Sales CRM, and Pardot.

HubSpot and Salesforce Synchronization

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