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Published by: Paola Braojos on May 11, 2023
 Paola Braojos

Growing and improving are main objectives for us, in MarketiNet, and for this reason, we have managed to get a new partner. We are now an Official Partner of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and we have the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and Marketing Cloud Consultant certifications. Therefore, if you are looking for a Salesforce Agency, you are in the right place!


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Official Partner Agency


What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce, the company responsible for the world's number 1 CRM platform, has developed a marketing platform called Salesforce Marketing Gloud that consists of a series of tools that allow users to plan, monitor, analyze and costumize personal experiences.

This set of tools united in a single platform has the purpose of managing the clients and potential clients of a company or brand through multiple channels. Achieving organized, coordinated and personalized communication for each client.


Cloud marketing is so interesting because it has benefits such as the Journey builder where you can see your customer's behavior in real time and you can trigger simultaneous actions according to their movements.


Another really useful tool on this platform is the Analytics builder, which allows us to measure the impact of our actions immediately. Therefore, we will be able to see the success of an email campaign, the behavior of customers on our website, on mobile devices, etc.


So, with all the added benefits of cloud marketing, we are sure that it will be a great ally for the world of marketing.


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Our team is certified in:


Marketing Cloud Email Specialist


With this certification we demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience in email marketing best practices, including:


  • Message design.

  • Data and subscriber management.

  • Inbox delivery.

  • External integrations with the Marketing Cloud Email app.

Certification Marketing Cloud Consultant


With this accreditation we will be able to set up and implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email application tools, providing solutions to execute tactical and strategic email campaigns.


Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification


How does this certification influence our clients?


As a Salesforce partner agency, we are prepared to help you find the best strategic solutions for your business, creating unique experiences for each of your clients.


In addition, we are committed to carrying out continuous training, thus demonstrating our mastery of the tool and always seeking high quality in the projects we manage with it.


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