Ebook Journey builder: How to build automation in the Marketing Cloud

Thanks to the journey builder, communications are automated using all the channels offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowing the construction of personalized communication for each client


This tool allows you to create different routes through which to guide your customers based on the interactions they make with your company or its characteristics.


Ebook Journey builder: How to build automation from scratch in the Marketing Cloud


Instead of carrying out processes manually, this functionality allows automation, making marketing teams more efficient and having greater control and monitoring of processes.


To create a journey that meets your objectives, it is very important to spend time planning the journey, which is why we have created the ebook Journey builder: how to build automation from scratch in Marketing Cloud that will help you build the strategy to follow in your customer journeys.


In this free ebook you will discover from what is a customer journey and the importance of automating, to how to plan the strategy and build a journey on the Journey Builder canvas.

Next, we indicate all the points of which this guide is made up:

1. What is Marketing Cloud?

2. What is a customer journey?

3. The importance of automating.

4. What is journey builder? Construction of the journey in the cloud marketing canvas.

5. How to plan a journey? Strategy to follow.

6. The use of Automation Studio + Journey Builder.

7. Monitor and optimize performance by reviewing the metrics.


Through these seven chapters, you’ll learn how to plan effective customer journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Do not hesitate and download it now!