New Ebook: Marketing Automation Strategy in Pardot Account Engagement

Published by: Jaime de Carlos on October 19, 2023
 Jaime de Carlos

Pardot, now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, is the Salesforce platform designed so that companies' marketing teams can have full control over all stages of their customers' customer journey and optimize their experience.

Therefore, it is very important to know all the possibilities of this solution for creating automations that facilitate both user conversion and loyalty. And, in addition, also knowing how to apply its tools to turn our strategy into a truly effective campaign.


In short, Pardot/Account Engagement offers us a big amount of possibilities that at MarketiNet we want to help you take advantage of. This is why we have created our free ebook "Marketing Automation Strategy in Pardot Account Engagement".


Marketing Automation - Strategy in salesforce pardot account engagement ebook



It is a comprehensive guide so that, among other things, you can take your first steps using the platform, learn how to create customer journeys based on your strategy and know how to take advantage of all its resources to automate tasks.

Thus, the ebook is made up of these 4 chapters:


  1. Introduction to Pardot /MCAE and its features

  2. How to correctly create campaign hierarchies

  3. How to plan automation

  4. Types of tools to automate

As you can see, designing customized and truly effective customer journeys is totally viable with this tool. If you want more information about it, you just have to download our free ebook "Marketing Automation Strategy in Pardot Account Engagement" here.


Ebook Marketing Automation at Pardot



Go ahead and give a new boost to your marketing automation strategies!


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