New ebook: Pardot/Account Engagement Campaign Management in Salesforce

Published by: Paola Braojos on June 16, 2023
 Paola Braojos

Knowing how to create and manage campaigns using both Account Engagement and Salesforce is a fundamental task that every marketing professional who uses these tools should know and put into practice. However, sometimes, some doubts may arise. For example, do we know how to correctly create Salesforce and Account Engagement campaign hierarchies? Or do we adequately analyze the ROI of Account Engagement campaigns in Salesforce?


Well, at MarketiNet we consider it vitally important that you know everything related to how and in what way campaigns between both platforms are managed correctly.


Therefore, in the five chapters of this ebook we tell you what are the basic aspects and some good practices to develop this type of campaign. And, although it is a complex subject, you will see how throughout these 45 pages you will learn to get more out of these tools and your own marketing and sales work.


Ebook Pardot/Account Engagement Campaign Management in Salesforce


Next, we indicate all the topics that this ebook includes:


  • Defining campaign types and status in Salesforce for Account Engagement/Pardot.

  • How to correctly create Salesforce and Account Engagement/Pardot campaign hierarchies.

  • The campaign influence model between Salesforce Sales and Account Engagement/Pardot.

  • Types of Account Engagement/Pardot Attribution Models in Salesforce Sales.

  • ROI analysis and analytics of our Account Engagement/Pardot campaigns in Salesforce.

Do not hesitate and download it now here!

ebook Pardot Campaign Management in Salesforce


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