New ebook: Guide to Effective Segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The effectiveness of an action (or a sequence of messages) consists in addressing the appropriate message to the appropriate person and at the appropriate time through the channel in which the user is most likely to receive that message. All this has a lot to do with segmentation, that is, looking for that right person and that decisive moment to later use the best channel for it. 

However, despite the power that segmentation has, there are still many companies that nowadays send communications without any type of segmentation, and even more so when it is a shipment without representative unit costs such as emails or push. Executing the mailings following this critieria is a big mistake because these communications can loose their real value and notable relevance. Because, precisely, that value or relevance will depend on how we segment.


Therefore, given the importance of segmentation in this particular field, at MarketiNet we want to share our knowledge on the subject with this new ebook specialized in effective segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.




In this Free Ebook, you will discover, among many other aspects, that segmenting consists of looking for that group or groups related to a certain communication or offer. Also, using our favorite tool, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we will teach you how to perform advanced segmentations and how to carry out segmentations through Filtered Data Extensions and the SQL language. Next, we indicate all the points of which this complete manual is made up:

  • The power of segmentation.

  • Filtered Data Extension in Marketing Cloud and aspects to take into account.

  • How to take advantage of SQL Query in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Fundamentals for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. What is SQL?

  • The Power of Joining Tables with SQL in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Slicers, SQL, and DataViews in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Examples of Using DataViews with SQL Query in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Query Studio from Salesforce Marketing Cloud: an allied tool to test your segmentation.


Through eight chapters and more than 60 pages, you’ll learn how to perform effective segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Do not hesitate and download it now!