MarketiNet, a company with zero net carbon emissions

Published by: Laura Rodríguez Vaquero on November 30, 2023
 Laura Rodríguez Vaquero

Climate change is a reality that already affects us all and will alter our environment if we do not take urgent and committed measures at all levels to stop it. At MarketiNet, we are aware that big changes begin with small individual actions and we want to contribute doing our bit.


MarketiNet, a company with zero net carbon emissions 

In 2023, our agency has become a net zero carbon emissions company, which means that we already achieved a balance between the emissions produced by our activities and the emissions that we eliminate from the atmosphere. But we will go further and we will also offset more than we emit because our annual emissions are 6.7 tCO2 and we will offset 81 tCO2.


How are we achieving it? The first step was to reduce our emissions as much as possible thanks to the contracting of a “green” electricity supplier and to our home office strategy, which allows our employees to work from home around 80% of the week.


Now, we are taking the second step through compensation. To do this, we have the help of Bosques Sostenibles, a company with more than 10 years of experience that develops reforestation projects in collaboration with companies that care about climate change and are involved in environmental initiatives.


And, in 2023, MarketiNet participates in the Orzaduero forest restoration project, within the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park, where you can find one of the most important black vulture colonies in Europe. The main objective is the restoration of an area burned in 2009, in order to stop the erosive processes it is suffering and reestablish the regulation of the hydrological cycle.

In this project, our company collaborates by
planting 445 trees, with which we will be able to offset more than 81t CO2 annually.


However, we do not want to stop here and our vocation is to continue advancing, year after year, in compensating our footprint.


proyecto de restauración forestal de Orzaduero


Carbon footprint registration seal, compensation, and carbon dioxide absorption projects:


Sello del registro de huella de carbono, compensación y proyectos de absorción de dióxido de carbono



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