Benefits of Calendar Links in Account Engagement

Published by: Leticia Moriana on April 4, 2024

Every company, regardless of its size or industry, considers the organisation of events as an essential strategy, whether in online format through webinars or face-to-face. The main objective here is to attract as many customers or potential customers as possible, thus providing the opportunity to interact and build solid relationships.

In this context, the effectiveness of events is not only based on their quality and relevance, but also on the ability to remind participants when and where they will take place. This is where the inclusion of calendar links in Account Engagement emails presents itself as an exceptional automation solution, especially in B2B marketing.


Key benefits


The strategic incorporation of calendar links in your Account Engagement emails not only simplifies event management but also brings with it a number of additional benefits that significantly improve the experience for both the organizer and the participants:


  • They make event management easier by simplifying the process to a single click. This not only translates into seamless accessibility but also becomes a key driver for active participation.

  • This simplicity not only benefits the organizer but also increases the likelihood of attendance and participation by providing a quick and effective way to engage with the event.

  • Time optimization is another crucial aspect that is enhanced by the inclusion of these links to the calendar. This tool not only facilitates more efficient time management for the organizer but also allows attendees to plan and structure their participation in a more organized way. Improved time management translates into a more valuable and effective experience for both those organizing the event and those attending.

  • Coordination and communication with clients and potential clients is enhanced, as all necessary information is detailed in one place. By integrating these links into your emails, you provide participants with a built-in tool to remember the date, time, and location of the event.

  • The inclusion of links to the calendar also offers an additional benefit in terms of automatic reminders, reducing the chances of forgetfulness and increasing the punctuality of participants, thus contributing to a smoother and more satisfying overall experience.

  • By allowing recipients to choose their preferred calendar to add the event to, you accommodate the different systems they may use. This flexibility adds an additional level of convenience for your customers and prospects, resulting in a more personalized experience tailored to their individual needs.

In short, the strategic inclusion of calendar links in your communications not only simplifies processes and improves time management, but also drives active participation, offers automatic reminders, and provides flexibility to your recipients. These combined benefits contribute to a more effective and satisfying overall experience for both the event organizer and event participants.


How to add calendar links to my Account Engagement emails


Although there is currently no direct "add to calendar" option in Account Engagement, there are two effective methods for incorporating calendar links into your emails:


  • The first option involves generating an .ics file, a method primarily used when we go to schedule the event in iCalendar and Microsoft Outlook. This file is uploaded to the platform in the storage area and the corresponding link is copied and pasted into the email button.

  • The second option focuses on the creation of a URL that allows you to save the event in Google Calendar. Here, you just need to create the URL and place it on the corresponding button in the email. 

Creating an event in Google Calendar


Once the recipient clicks on any of the buttons, they are given the option to add the event to their calendar, optimizing the user experience. It is important to note that you cannot include different URLs in a single button to save to different calendars, so you will generate as many buttons as you want to offer.


Botones calendar links en Pardot


Before sending the email, it is crucial to test to make sure that the links to the calendar work correctly and that the events are saved properly in the calendars. This step avoids possible technical or compatibility problems and allows us to verify that our message will be delivered effectively.


At MarketiNet, we are committed to helping you boost your email marketing campaigns in Pardot Account Engagement and maximize their results through the various automations offered by the tool. Contact us to find out how we can take your marketing strategy to the next level.


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