Do you want your website to stand out from your competition? Do you want me to build trust for users and maximize your goals? Looking to boost the number of conversions?

 Web design is key to achieving all these goals because, a quality web design provides more credibility. At MarketiNet we have our own team specialized in the development of 100% custom webs or in projects based on CMS platforms, such as WordPress.

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Web Usability and Optimization

Web Usability and Optimization

Web usability is an effective tool that helps our users have a better experience on our website. This results in a better brand perception, , increased web credibility, increased conversions and, consequently, ROI maximisation.


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Work process

 1. Strategic and creative proposal

Once the information has been collected through the meetings with the client and briefings we carry out research and benchmarking study in order to make the best strategic proposal that will contain:

  • Main Wireframes
  • Sitemaps
  • Proposal emarketing
Strategic and creative proposal
Web design phase

2. Web design phase

Applying the customer's feedback regarding the proposal we create an internal document that will be the basis for Art Management to make the graphic proposals tailored to the client requirements and above all, to the needs of the users and to the search for Results.

3. Front development

Once the design is approved, our front development team will be in charge of:

  • HTML and CSS programming (Responsive Design)
  • Static SEO implementation
  • Cross-platform usability test.
  • Client programming (javascript, jquery...)
Front development
Development back

4. Development back

Then, the server programmed tasks are carried out:

  • Modeling Database.
  • Programming sorroundings server.
  • Dynamic seo implementation.

5. Loading content and delivering

Once a programming information is loaded the texts and images and the content for SEO, when the client has reviewed and approved the project we proceed to its publication.

The website is delivered with its own and adaptable content manager to be able to manage the web.

Loading content and delivering
Online Stores

Online Stores

We create and design quality online stores with a personalized development with own code, WooCommerce or Prestashop from which you can manage content and orders in an easy and simple way.

CMS platforms

Apart from developing 100% custom projects we carry out web projects based on CMS platforms such as:

  • Wordpress 
  • Woocommerce
  • Drupal
  • COS of Hubspot
CMS platforms
Growth Driven Design Agency Certification

Design and programming in Hubspot (Hubl and HubDB)

We design websites in Husbpot COS and create dynamic pages thanks to Hubspot's own programming: Hubl and HubHD..

Integrating your website into Hubspot allows you to easily manage the website and gives you the possibility to use all the functionalities of the platform, including smart Content.

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