All the power of automation in your hands

With these two tools you can carry out spectacular processes and leave them ready to work on their own.

Both are combined many times, in some cases with Automation Studio you can do the whole process, but it is very common to start processes with one and finish with Journey Builder.


Journey Builder

Allows 1to1 actions and trigger actions based on user activities.

Automation Studio

It is one more tool for file and data processing and mass mailing.


By interrelating both, functionality such as:

  • Sending of newsletter automated.
  • WorkFlows 1to1 for invitations to events, more personalized communications, surveys, etc. 
  • Import files and manipulate them to then carry out actions with them, such as shipments.
  • Anniversary or birthday congratulations. 
  • Transactional shipments of the abandoned cart type, community registration, etc. 
  • And as far as the imagination gives us. 


Journey builder management
Gestión de Automation Studio

Programmatically via the Automation Studio API and Journey Builder, which allows you to:

  • Construct input events and process them 
  • Create a data extension and feed it 
  • Create a journey and activate it 
  • Create automations 
  • Pause or activate automations or view their status




If you want to get the most out of Marketing Cloud you will need to master these two areas, it is true that they need technical aspects and we can help you in all these aspects, from strategies, through the creation of content-creativities and ending in development. than necessary with the Marketing Cloud API.

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