At MarketiNet we are an official partner agency in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and we have Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and Marketing Cloud Consultant certifications.

As a Salesforce partner agency, we are ready to help you to find the best strategic solutions for your business marketing automation by creating unique experiences for each of your customers.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Management

Marketing Cloud Tools

Journey Builder

It allows the creation of personalized experiences for customers in the different channels: email, SMS, mobile push...


Email Studio

Develop personalized email campaigns thanks to the segmentation that allows this platform and receives analytics of each shipment.

Social Study

Listen, post and interact with customers through social networks by aligning your marketing actions through this channel with the customer and sales actions.

Mobile Study

Send and customize SMS, MMS and push notifications or automate your sending thanks to Journey Builder.

Web Study

By incorporating AMPSCRIPT programming you will be able to develop new automations and connect with the data of your Data Extension or Lists


Create transactional emails, manage your content in Marketing Cloud, create Data Extensions, define events, and more.


Customize your templates, create reference centers and landings pages and interact with your Data Extension the way you define.

Web Collect

Create landing pages and forms from which contacts will be recorded directly in Marketing Cloud.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Deliverate a personalized experience

Deliverate a personalized experience This type of strategy allows you to establish personalized communications to cultivate leads until they're ready for sales.

Segmenting your BBDD

Segmenting your BBDD Allows this segmentation automatically thanks to the stage of the sales cycle in which they are achieving greater effectiveness in communications.

Monitoring actions

Monitoring actions A marketing automation tool gives you the ability to track active campaigns in real time allowing you to optimize them.

Efficient time management

Efficient time management Once certain processes are scheduled, the action should not be executed once again, so your marketing team saves time on certain tasks.

Setting up Marketing Cloud and integrating with Sales CRM

CAs Salesforce admins, we manage Marketing Cloud account setup projects and Salesforce CRM integrations with this marketing tool so you can exploit it to the fullest. To ensure the success of, project, we always start from an initial consultation with the client and draw a roadmap on which to work.

Our team is certified

Certificate in Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Certificate in Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

As a certified agency in email best practices are offered both in daily tasks to for the program in the tool and in the strategy.

Marketing Cloud Consultant Certificate

Marketing Cloud Consultant Certificate

Certified as professionals who are experts in the configuration and development of a strategy and best practices in each of the Marketing Cloud tools

Administrator's Certificate

Administrator's Certificate

This certificate backs us up for configuration and integration tasks across Salesforce clouds.

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