Can we help you?

At MarketiNet we are an official Mailchimp partner  and we have experts in email marketing and marketing automation. 

We support the entire email marketing process by consulting, strategies, actions and designing email marketing and marketing automation campaigns.

As a Mailchimp partner agency we are committed to carrying out continuous training, thus demonstrating our mastery of the tool and always seeking a seal of quality in the projects we manage with it.

What can we do with Mailchimp?

 Email Marketing With Mailchimp

Email Marketing

We can design your personalized emails, landings and necessary forms so that you can launch your email marketing strategy through Mailchimp.

 Marketing Automation with Mailchimp

Marketing Automation

Mailchimp offers the possibility of creating very powerful Workflows so that you can automate your shipments. We can also segment to customize shipments as much as possible.

 Mailchimp integrations


The Mailchimp tool offers multiple direct integrations, we can also make use of APIs so that you can integrate this email marketing tool with your CRM.

 Customized analysis and reporting with Mailchimp

Analysis and reports

We connect Google Analytics with your Email campaigns so that you can have full traceability of your email marketing actions with Mailchimp.

Our proyects of Email Marketing