Email marketing campaigns have become the best ally of large and small companies, since with a minimum investment we can reach the target audience.

However, not all email marketing campaigns are successful, and that is largely due to outdated and unsanitized lists.

What are the advantages of cleaning and purging your emails?

  • Protect domain reputation
  • Improve deliverability by preventing our communication from ending up in the "spam" folder
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Improve engagement rates
  • Remove fake and invalid addresses

How do we carry out the process of cleaning the email database?

  1. Either through files that are sent to us or we integrate our audit tool with your email marketing platform so that the process is direct and even constant.

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  2. We select the list that we want to audit, configure the criteria to be taken into account and the frequency with which this process must be repeated. It is essential that our email databases are always up to date and ready to use.

  3. Once the process is finished, we will obtain a detailed report with all the email addresses: invalid, or valid, and with a risk level score to make decisions about them.

Benefits you will get with this email consulting

  • A number of users more adjusted to your reality
  • Better metrics of your email marketing or automation actions: opening rates, better click rates.
  • Lower costs on platforms that charge for active users on it.
  • In some cases, we can correct emails to also recover users lost due to faulty emails.
  • Better reputation as a sender, which will improve your deliverability.


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