Have you ever wondered at what point users leave your website? What is the reason why your last advertising campaign has failed? In which areas is the competition beating you? How can you improve your conversion rates?

These ones and almost any question you can ask about your website are answered through web analytics because it allows us to control instantly and accurately the results of the different actions we carry out.

In Marketinet, with our web analytics services, we are able to help you have the data organized and in a format that allows us to read and interpret it easily, with the ultimate goal of making better decisions.


Web Analytics Audit

To get the most out of Google Analytics you have to evaluate how web analytics is implemented on your site. It is not enough to add the Google Analytics code to make everything work. In Marketinet we will help you understand the data of your page and find opportunities for improvement through a Web Analytics Audit. Why do I have so few sales? How do I see the results of my campaigns in Google Ads and Social Networks? How can I get more visits? How many people click on this button? What is the channel that gives me the best sales at the lowest cost?

Implementation of Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that allows us to start measuring the behavior of users who visit our website just by installing a code . If you want to go a step further, our Web Analytics specialized team can configure your website to accurately measure the data that specifically concerns your business performance: creation of conversions, campaign tracking, event scheduling, custom reports, implementation of Google Tag Manager, installation of the eCommerce module, control of lead generation sources.


Personalized Reports and Dashboards

In MarketiNet we create custom Google Analytics reports, dashboards in Google Data Studio or Power BI and customized projects integrating all data sources. Imagine a report where you can see the data  you care about from all sources: Google Analytics, Social Media platforms, Campaigns, CRMs, ... using the power of the Analytics and Supermetrics API. Do you want it? Contact us.

Web Analytics Training

We design customized Web Analytics training plans for companies based on the level of knowledge and the needs of each business. These plans will help your team to learn how Google Analytics works, what indicators you should take into account, how to manage profiles efficiently, how to implement link labeling, how to make custom reports, how to make e-commerce reports and conversion funnels , how to do Customer Journey analysis and reports of A / B test results. Consult us and we will develop a customized web analytics training plan for you.


Advanced analytics for Ecommerce

Whether your website is a custom ecommerce or is built on a CMS like WordPress with Woocommerce, Prestashop or Shopify, we can help you configure advanced web analytics for your online store. Discover how to use the improved eCommerce reports in Google Analytics to make the right decisions in your e-commerce.



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