Have you ever wondered at what point users leave your website?  What is the reason why your last ad campaign failed?  Where is the competition winning you? Where can you improve your conversion ratios?

These and almost any questions you can ask about your website are answered through web analytics since, it allows us to control instantly and accurately the results of the different actions that we carry out.

From MarketiNet we help you to have the data organized and in a format, that allows us to read and interpret with ease, with the ultimate goal of making better decisions.

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KPIs definition

Definition of objectives and KPIs

The objectives are the basis of the web analytics since, once established we can define the KPIs that are the indicators that allow us to measure the success of our actions. That is why, in our Web Analytics Agency, we make sure that they are clear and useful for decision making.

Periodic analysis and implementation of improvements

Web analytics actions compill all parts of your website: internal parameters, SEO, AdWords campaigns, direct traffic ... thanks to your analysis we can know and understand your website more and reduce the negative points and enhance the positives.

Periodic analytics reports
Advanced analytics and API

Advanced analytic integration and API

We integrate advanced analytics using Google Analytics to control events, conversions, eCommerce module installation, Integrations with Analytics API, Dashboard creation with API, control of lead generation sources …

Periodic reports of results

In our Web Analytics Agency, we work with periodic reports that include clear and organized data in a compact and highly visual format so you do not have to invest time or effort in your interpretation. In a simple glance you will see to what extent the defined KPIs are being met.

Analytics web reports
Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics Certification

To prove our ability to analyze, optimize and implement business solutions based on data in MarketiNet we are Google Analytics Certified and from our analytical department we have professionals who have the official certifications

Web Usability and Optimization

What should prevail in a web is the user experience that is why we develop web usability studies and analyze heat maps, A / B test, navigation studies, loading speed studies, clicks map, scroll studies ...

Analytics and optimisation

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