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Data Ecosystem en Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can segment, personalise and feed additional data to customers. The basic and essential foundation of this tool is to create the most perfect data ecosystem possible with a clear objective: to get the most out of the platform and the data itself. 

 Through the 11 chapters of this free ebook you will discover why it is important to spend time defining the best possible data model. 


  • Data Retention Policy en Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • The Importance of the Data Model in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • What is the contact model in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Everything you need to know about Data Extension
  • What data is important to have and move to the Marketing Cloud?
  • Aspects of Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud synchronisation
  • Understanding contacts in the Marketing Cloud and their relationships
  • Designing our data structure
  • How do we create attribute groups?
  • Ways to move our data to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • A bonus, let’s create a Send Log in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Data Retention Policy in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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