Search Engine Optimization, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines.

Having a web optimized for SEO is essential to increase the visibility of your content and therefore get more qualified traffic and more sales. With a proper SEO Agency, you will acquire a position of relevance for your website..

  • 95% of users looking for a product or service on the Internet do so through search engines.
  • 70% of consumers click on organic results from search engines.
  • 75% of users do not go beyond the first page of the search results.
  • To appear in the first positions in search engines is indispensable because, a wellpositioned web will be seen up to 42% more..


SEO Audit

SEO Audit: Analysis of your web situation

We analyze in depth your web page to know the situation in which your web project is in search engines. We detect all aspects of SEO that need improvement, the initial situation of organic traffic and positions and all the details to detect new opportunities.

Analysis of the competition

We get information on the strengths and weaknesses of your competition to know what position they are in the search engines and find the best strategy to optimize your web versus the others.

 SEO Analysis competition
 Keywords analysis

Study of Keywords

We do an intensive study and analysis of Keywords and choose the most qualified for each project in order to attract your target audience and encourage conversion from search engines. This keyword analysis, in turn allows us to locate micro-niches from which we can obtain a significant benefit.

SEO On page

Once created our list of keywords, we work all aspects of SEO on page of our website, taking into account all these elements:

  • Relevance of content
  • Keyword Density
  • Title tags and met description
  • Heading Tags
  • URL structure
  • Internal binding structure and link juice
  • Page Load Speed (WPO)
  • Alt attribute in images
  • Sitemap and robots,txt
  • Monitoring and control of errors 


SEO On Page
Content optimisation

Optimization of the contents and functionalities of the web

Most SEO factors are related to content. Therefore, the result should be an accessible and attractive web page with quality content that includes the keywords in a natural way and a correct web structure.

  • Linkbuilding with bloggers.
  • Content optimization consultancy.
  •  Drafting of optimized quality content.
  • SEO optimization of content written by third parties.
  • Social SEO.

SEO Off Page and Linkbuilding

Did you know that the SEO Off page has much more weight in the Google algorithms than the SEO on page?  The actions we take outside our website are crucial to increase the visibility in the search engines because they influence 75% of the positioning.

The basis of the SEO Off Page are the quality links, which will allow us to:

  • Improve the visibility of our website and Branding.
  • Improve speed and indexing.
  • Increased traffic to our website.
SEO Off page and Linkbuilding
SEO maintenance

SEO Maintenance 

It is very important to do a continuous analysis to know what results we have achieved with our SEO implementations, what are our weaknesses and introduce the necessary improvements to::

  • Maintain and improve the positions of the target keywords.
  • Increase traffic to the web.
  • Grow brand awareness and image.
  • Improve the evolution of the profile of links over time.

ASO Positioning Services


The ASO (App Store Optimization) positioning is the process of optimizing an app to get it to appear in the first results when users search in the application stores, and thus increase the number of downloads.

  • Traffic from mobile devices and tablets grows exponentially day by day..
  • The App Store and Google Play have more than 2 million apps and increase each day by 3000 more.
  • In Spain, four million apps are downloaded per day according to Forrester data.
ASO services
SEO Consultants

From MarketiNet we offer you:


  • A professional team of SEO consultants

  •  A complete and personalized positioning strategy for each type of business.

  • Different services of SEO On Page, Off Page SEO services, content SEO and ASO Positioning

  • Monthly monitoring reports.

  • Periodic improvements and recommendations.

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