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SMS marketing is a very powerful and effective means of communication as long as it is used at the right times.

Its opening rate is around 90%, far exceeding the opening ratios of other forms of communication, to this is added the immediacy of reading, there are studies that indicate that the majority of SMS are read in the first 3 minutes after to be received.

At MarketiNet we advise and manage all types of SMS, from bulk SMS to personalized SMS with direct access to landings or QR codes, necessary in your digital communication strategy.

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SMS Marketing use cases

SMS Marketing


Cross-selling SMS

This type of message can be proposed at the time of the sale or later. The brands offer complementary products to those that the customer has purchased, thus encouraging repeat purchases.


Data qualification SMS

It is very common that there are bounced emails in the companies' bbdd, so hygiene or debugging processes must be carried out periodically. An alternative way to the expensive call center, is to send an SMS with a link to a landing where users can update their email and other data, in these cases it is important to offer an interesting incentive.



Promotional SMS

At specific moments, a massive SMS campaign can be a good claim and generate great sales. For example, an exclusive offer on Valentine's Day, information about the launch of a new product, etc.

Reactivation SMS of users

A clear sign of inactivity is the absence of purchase in a certain period, the non-opening of the emails sent or the failure to visit the website. At this time, launching a powerful message to regain the attention and trust of customers can be very profitable since it involves less cost than capturing a new lead.


Retargeting SMS

Many brands are starting to use SMS to close sales opportunities with users who have shown interest in their product. 



Loyalty SMS

In some cases the SMS is used to give a touch of distinction and exclusivity that is usually well perceived by customers. You can invite your VIP customers to exclusive events or limited promotions for being a loyal customer.

Reactivation SMS of users

Transactional SMS use cases

SMS with Authentication data

They are good resources in managing payment data, access to private accounts from different devices. Customers feel much more secure if they receive authentication codes in these types of processes as they add an additional layer of security




The SMS is a highly valued message when it really brings utility to the user and it will always be welcome, it will even add an image of efficiency in the companies' processes. Some examples could be the SMS of the status of your order, incidents, lack of balance, notice of collection of order in store

Confirmation SMS


Online transactions are increasing day by day and users wait for an automatic confirmation to check that everything has gone well. These SMS could be confirmations of medical appointments, confirmations of purchase of tickets online with link to QR codes etc.