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Although it is true that Mailchimp is usually the platform chosen by most companies when they start in the email marketing world due to its low cost and easy to use, it can be a very powerful tool if you take advantage of and exploit the potential it offers. your paid version.

At MarketiNet, as an email marketing agency we are experts in making the most of this platform developing custom projects such as integrations with CRMs, eCommerce tools and orchestrating all advanced features: Workflows, forms, custom landings, RSS, retargeting actions, Lookalike audiences.

Types of email campaigns

 Promotional emails. Email Marketing Mailchimp campaigns

Promotional emails: Newsletters, promotions, loyalty programs, event promotions, coupon shipments ..

 Transactional emails. Email Marketing Mailchimp campaigns

Transactional emails: Purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, emails for special dates ...

 A / B test. Email Marketing campaigns with Mailchimp

A / B test With Mailchimp we can create up to 3 variations in each email, different content, shipping times, calls to action ... and test which one works best.

Email Marketing Services

 Content creation. Email Marketing Mailchimp Services

Content creation: We create emails using content blocks and those personalized to each target thanks to the inclusion of dynamic content.

 Subscriber management. Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Subscriber Management: We create segmented Lists and Data Extensions to ensure that each campaign carried out goes to the desired target and is as personalized as possible.

 Campaign automation. Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Campaign automation: With Automation Studio we trigger automated email campaigns, import the data, test its operation and review the reports generated.

 Monitoring and optimization. Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Monitoring and optimization: We monitor each campaign to further optimize the strategy and guarantee the best results.

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