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In this tool we customize different types of emails, newsletters, transactional emails ... we manage the bbdd and we analyze the data in real time of delivered, pending and undelivered shipments.

We offer support both in the daily tasks to develop in the tool and in the strategy.

Email Marketing Services

 Content creation. Email Marketing Services Acumbamail

Content creation: We create emails using content blocks and those personalized to each target thanks to the inclusion of dynamic content.

 Subscriber management. Email Marketing Services Acumbamail

Subscriber Management: We create segmented Lists and Data Extensions to ensure that each campaign carried out goes to the desired target and is as personalized as possible.

Campaign automation. Email Marketing Services Acumbamail.

Campaign automation: With Automation Studio we trigger automated email campaigns, import the data, test its operation and review the reports generated.

 Monitoring and optimization. Email Marketing Services Acumbamail

Monitoring and optimization: We monitor each campaign to optimize the strategy more and more and guarantee the best results.

Acumbamail Functionalities

 Newsletter delivery. Acumbamail

Newsletter Sending: Among its many functions, it allows us to create newsletter sending campaigns in a simple way, generate subscriber lists, include personalization and measure performance for the reports and statistics generated.

 RRSS campaigns with Acumbamail

RSS campaigns:  You also have the possibility to automatically send your campaigns when there is new content in our RSS: latest blog posts, images ...

 Autoresponders with Acumbamail

Autoresponders: Allows you to create a list with a personalized selection of subscribers and send them automatic emails based on certain parameters such as registration date, list change date, special dates ...

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