Inbound Marketing Strategy with ClickDimensions | Culmia

Culmia is dedicated to first-class residential development. Its strategic plan has three business lines: buy-to-let housing, build-to-rent, and affordable housing.

Integration of Salesforce Sales, Pardot and getFeedback Surveys | Aspire Software

Aspire Software needed to create a survey system integrated with Pardot Account Engagement, Salesforce Sales, and the getFeedbackSurvey solution.


Marketing consultancy and template integration at Pardot | SATO

SATO, an international provider of automatic identification solutions that integrates automatic identification and labeling technology with hardware solutions, product, and people identifiers, collecting data in different IT systems, needed to improve its process of creating sector landings in different markets in order to streamline the management of lead generation campaigns using Pardot.

Marketing automation consulting with Mailchimp | Xlash

Our client, Xslash, has an eCommerce developed in Prestashop and requested our help to implement the communication strategy with their customer and subscriber database, implementing a series of automations to achieve more conversions in their sales funnel.

Inbound Marketing Strategy and CRM integration | GfK

At MarketiNet we have been working for more than 10 years with GfK, a world leader in data and analytics. We are currently collaborating with them in their Inbound Marketing strategy with which we aim to improve the lead acquisition process for the Spanish market.

Marketing Automation Consulting with Pardot | Neoris

Neoris leads the digital transformation of companies by offering solutions for: big data, digital architecture, artificial intelligence...

Email Marketing and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting | Carrefour

One of Carrefour's main commitments is to maintain constant and timely communication with each of its customers. Through various email marketing campaigns, the latest news, offers and information of interest are announced, promoting customer loyalty.

Inbound marketing strategy and Marketing Automation with Click Dimensions | Vía Célere

Vía Célere is a real estate company specialised in the development, investment and management of residential assets.

Consulting and Mailing Management with Marketing Cloud | Roche


Our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialists are responsible for managing and supporting Roche through the Marketing Cloud platform. A service that covers everything from the beginning of the process to the final report.

Strategic Inbound Marketing Consulting in HubSpot | Mambu

At MarketiNet we worked with Mambu on their Inbound Marketing strategy with the aim of improving the lead acquisition process for the entire market of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Web Development with Hubspot | ManpowerGroup


ManpowerGroup, a leading multinational company in talent strategy, trusted us to create their new website "Future of work" which was developed with Hubspot, an Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation tool.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting | Takeda


For Takeda, it is important to maintain personalized and timely communication with each of the doctors they communicate with. Through various automated email campaigns, they promote product news, invitations to events, and relevant information, thus boosting their loyalty.